FOUNDATION : REPUBLIC of FREE ,Rosentalweg 5/1 in the sense of Rome, Athens Greek Polis and East Romes Castra

in the honours of the Greek

 Archimedes of Siracus , Mahatma Gandhi of India, Al Beruni , Central Asia,  Ibn Kaldun,Arabic son of Maghreb and Andalusia and a not named  great son of Campania

- others Leonardo da Vinci, Marco Polo, Confucius, Ibrahim Al Fazari, first Astronom of Islam, Al Abu Bakr Razi, ,encyclopedia of medicine from Teharan, Abu Nasr Al Farabi  from Transoxiano,  Abu Al Ibn Sina, Avicenna of Bukhara “canon of medicine”, Abu Hamid Al Ghazzali)

Foundation: Republic of Romes Pantheon House of Gods, Rosentalweg 5

Austrian judge Wolfgang Glöck makes question of Trianon to a question of




AUSTRIAN JUDGE Wolfgang Glock has made the QUESTION of TRIANON to a pre-question of the procedure so the forner participants of the First World War  are asked to sent also secret material to the courts address. The question is beneath Burgenland till 1918 part of Hungary , also Vienna, Lower Austria and Styria part of   Hungary as compensation for the massive losses of people, territory and harbour todays Rijeka


sui generis law and law below

PROPOSED TRIBUNAL PLACE with  M Barroso, Martin Schulz,  Merkel, Sarkozy, Chirac,  Berlusconi, Prodi,  L Durnwalder,  Suarez  and Co AG

invited participants above and below





explaining European Value Society, Common MARKET, Basic Rights and the future by global transmission the Arabs and the World in the face of Greece and Euro

EU Parliament  President and 14 vice presidents /Art 14 EU contract, 736 members - till 16.I.2012

-former  Jerzy Buzek, Poland, president

Vice presidents

- Giovanni Pitella, Roberta Angellili, Italy

- Rodi Kratsa- Tsagaropoulou, Stavros Lambrinidis, Greece

- Miguel Angel Martinez Martinez, Alejo Vidal Quadras, Spain

Dagmar Roth- Behrendt, Rainer Wieland, Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Germany

Libor Roucek, Czech Republic

Isabelle Durant, Belgium

Diana Wallis, Edward McMillan Scott, GB

Lazlo Tökes, Hungary 


in addition EVN state  owner EnBw:

(former) Prime Minister BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG

- Mappus Stefan, CDU

 Oettinger , Günther, CDU  now EU Commission

Kretschmann  Winfried, Green,  Prime Minister

before :2010 Oct, Eletrcité de Gaz ->Sarkozy, France

with Nelie Kroes, EU Commission and

consultant  Gutenberg, CSU

FREE INTERNET in totalitarian states

since 17.12.2012

M. Schulz, Germany

president EU parliament

- Othmar Karas, Austria

Oldrich Vlasak, Czech Republic

Alexander Alvaro, Rainer Wieland, Germany

Isabella Durant, Belgium

G Papastamkos, Anni Podimata, Greece

L. Surjan, Hungary

R. Angellili, G. Pitella


J. Protasiewicz, Poland

M.A.M Martinez, Alajo Vidal Quadras, Spain

E Mc Millan Scott . UK


European People Party

of Vice mayor Christian Stocker, Wr Neustadt,

OVP, European People Party

-264 members

- Josef Daul , president

Vice presidents:

- Jaime Mayor Oreja

- Corren Wortmann Kool

- Jofzes Szajar

- Manfred Weber

- Vito Bonsignore

- Othmar Karas

- Paulo Rangel

- Marian Jean Marinescu

- Ioannis Kasoidis

- Gunner Hokmar-

The last leaseholder of the property Rosentalweg 5 was association Morgenstern, a  member of the association a Habsburg

Therefore and for historic reasons relevant for Austrian Republic, also in European context - even Habsburg was forced to resign officially after the First World War must be invited the position highest representative of the House Habsburg Charles Habsburg

Instead of Henry IV, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (l´umiliazione di CANOSSA; ALLER a CANOSSA; POT V CaNOSSA, Canossavandring) from Speyer to Fortress of Cannosa ,  Emilia Romagna Merkels and European Value Society way from Berlin and other European  capitals  to a former Catholic Chapel at Rosentalweg 5, Katzelsdorf , 2801 nearby Wr Neustadt

The author believes an indipendent judge outside  EU not part of European Value society would be the best - proposed

India and/or Malaysia

with helicopter landng place

for EU and national  politicians (see above and foto galeries)

The Greek Solon visited Egypt  was told about  Altantis a superior culture sunk from the imbalance between spiritual maturity and technical advances by the year 590 before Christ

Beneath the Egyptian mathmaticians are we Greeks

children according to the Greek  Plato

In the year 395 before Christ, the Egyptian priests teached Plato those floods would have devastated the earth, and changed their look, the biggest Atlantis their inhabitant capable lifitng  ton-heavy stones  with their mental strengths.

And with his return to Greece, they asked,

tell us about this big country of the black by the name of Ethopia and Herodot said,

there are two big Ethiopian nations, one Sind (India) and one Egypt


Guarantee indipendent court decision

beneath EU law,  Indian law, Roman law on the basis and  the wisdom of the main Indian religions ( alphabetic budhism,canon law, hinduism, Islam, Jainism,Sikhism) and Adivasi, Bahai, Zoroasterism for law of Indian minorities in addtion to global knowledge taoism and confucionism  an acceptable approach for every participant

- disclosure of all assets (including foundations)

  • no lawyer-obligatory
  • obligatory personal appearance


invited also Archbishop of Vienna Schonborn

why are his people rejecting expertise of value of a chapel

after secular worlds rejects by closed doors.

Are the Austrian Republic, France and Germany and  EU Institutiions not interested in public court  via TV and Internet? -  What is the opiniom of Merkel Angela, former GDR    - today Prime Minister now united Germany



Resettlement with compensation

Cicero pro Cluentio

 non fuit iudicium iudicii simile,iudices non fuit, in quo non modus ullus est adhibitus, non mos consuetudoque servata non causa defensa

Takes French president

Hollande personal


for his ideas and concepts

and presenting Chirac,

Sarkozy and collegues

Even the human being arrived at the ultimate goal of the beatitude, still needs  friends and whoever doesn't want to live in community or  doesn't need, is no limb of the state and therefore an animal or God (Aristotle 384-322 before Christ)

The question is only what is the value and role of the EU and the national states  someone must ask

not Aristotle and his friends, but Martin Schulz, Merkel

and friends. Why rejects Maritn Schulz , EU president

and Elmar  Brok, speaker of Merkel public tribunal

according to neutral law - but including Eu law.  

Why  is rejecting the whole Austrian political class, justice and administration public tribunal at

Rosentalweg 5 since years?

What is the role of Germany state of  strongest economic

power and France the Atomic power state of EU